The Story

Close your eyes. Actually no. You won't be able to read this if you do that. So just imagine with me.

It's springtime. You're attending (approximately) the 74th baby shower/bachelor(ette) party/wedding this month. You're sitting in a circle with 17 people you barely know and there aren't enough mimosas in the world that will decrease this level of awkward. You make small talk and are then summoned as the obligatory round of gift giving begins. You watch him/her/them literally tear through a never-ending heap of presents while attempting to fein surprise and appreciation for the gifts they already knew they were getting. Everyone goes home and carries on about their business. The world turns. The sun rises and sets a new day. No one is better for it.

Aaaaaand SCENE

While this scenario has been needlessly exaggerated, I'm sure you can relate. I think we can all agree that having fewer afternoons like that is a good thing. To correct this epidemic,* I set out on a mission for the anti-awkward. To become the Cheese Defeater. The Comedy Creator. Still working on my super hero name.

In essence, my goal is to make giving a gift authentic again (sorry, Donald)—and better yet—something you actually want to do. Thus, the idea of Mailbox Melodies was born.

Mailbox Melodies are care packages, paper products, printables and gifts crafted for people who want to put a little personality back into gift giving.

They don't fill quotas. They say something real about your relationship with the gift-getter. They say it with a little heart, a lot of personality, and usually a fair amount of sarcasm. They remind people that they're special to you and that you care.

Give some Mailbox Melodies today

*Sorry not sorry for my extreme tendency to sensationalize.

Mailbox Melodies is a one-woman shop ran by me, Kaylee Conrad: Owner, Designer/Illustrator + Defeater of Cheese. < That's my face. Or I guess it's a picture of my face. Now accepting super-hero name suggestions below.

Concerns, Compliments or Complaints

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