Postpartum Care Package | "All That She Wants"

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All That She Wants

A practically perfect post pregnancy product pack (say that five times fast) by Mailbox Melodies

Okay, so let’s be honest. Mom just did some serious labor (pun intended). Forget the baby shower registry and give her something that’s all-for-her post delivery. She’s in need of some ‘me’ time and a few good laughs.

This Postpartum Package is just what the doctor ordered. It includes:

    1. Mama’s New Lingerie Postpartum Recovery Briefs 
    2. Showering is Overrated Dry Shampoo (5 oz)
    3. Messed Up Melons Nipple Balm (1 oz)
    4. Down There Repair Sitz Bath (16 oz)
    5. Finish Line Wine Victory Vino Wine Bottle Label  |  Specs: 3.75” x 4” Wine Label  |  Choose her favorite! 
    6. Coupon for Babysitting Duty  |  Specs: 4” x 7” Double Sided Coupon

Ingredients: Paper, Soothing Powers, Laughing Vapors, Love

All care packages, prints, posters, invites, decorations, and type-related goodness designed by me, Kaylee Conrad of Mailbox Melodies. For any custom requests, don't hesitate to contact me in my shop. 

Mailbox Melodies © 2017

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