Break Up Care Package Activated Charcoal Spa Set

$55.00 $46.90

This detoxifying bath set has everything she'll need to totally forget the notion of being a couple and celebrate being single! Great as a breakup gift for your friend in need. Box pairs nicely with a bottle (or two) of red and a chick flick.

This set includes:

1. Forget You | Charcoal Creme Mask, 2 Ounces

2. Wrecking Ball | Clean Black Velvet Bath Bomb, 5 Ounces (Tennis Ball Size)

3. No Scrubs | Activated Charcoal Soap

4. Shake It Off | Activated Charcoal + Lavender Bath Salt

5. Chocolate Rose | 8" Chocolate Rose

6. Black Votive Candle | 2" Votive

7. Ships in Black Box (11.125 X 8.75 X 3") with White Crinkle Stuffing

All care packages, printables and cards designed by me, Kaylee Conrad of Mailbox Melodies. For any custom requests, don't hesitate to contact me in my shop.

Mailbox Melodies © 2017

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